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This firm has specialized in Creditor's Rights for 30 years. We offer every service a Creditor could need, whether individual or corporate. Our specialty is collection, but we are also experts at drafting conveyance documents, notes, purchase and sale agreements, and many other contracts. We regularly make claims in Bankruptcies of all chapters, as well as enforce Deeds to Secure Debt, Security Instruments, Promissory Notes, Guarantees, leases, liens, and other financial agreements. 

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Collections, Dispossessory Actions, Contract Enforcement and Litigation 


We will help right any civil wrongs our clients face, whether personally or commercially. We offer title examinations and certifications thereof, as well as title insurance policies for Lenders and Owners. We regularly send demand letters and file suit for money or equitable remedies. We are ready, willing, and able to litigate your claim, and we promise to pursue resolution of your problems until the very end. 

Demands, Property Disputes, Title, Asset, and Lien Examinations and Certifications  

Small Business & Corporate  

Mergers and Acquisitions for Businesses & Financial Institutions; Commercial & Residential Leases, Dispossessory Actions, Contracts & Disputes 

We expertly draft and review business contracts of every kind: letters of intent, mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale agreements, operating agreements, leases, employment or independent contracting agreements, and many more. We offer a vast range of business-related services, such as asset discovery, liens searches, and research and reports regarding legal, tax, and other ramifications of your business deal. We also assist with business lending and liens, as well as all types of small business, commercial, and corporate litigation. 

Wills, Trusts, & Estates 

Estate and End of Life Planning, Wills, Testamentary & Inter-Vivos Trusts, Business Succession Planning 

We care about you, your family, and your assets. We guide our clients through the different ways an estate can be structured to help you plan for the future of your family & affairs. We help people prepare not only for end of life, but also for various life events such as illness or incapacity.  We also offer assistance with pre- and post-nuptial agreements. We also provide services to creditors and beneficiaries of estates, such as probating wills or administering estates and making claims against existing estates. 

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